For more than 40 years now, Neil Kikuchi has been involved in the trucking business, with the last 15 of those years being directly involved with truck sales. His new truck dealership in Tacoma, WA is known as Emerald Truck Sales, and he brings all the experience and knowledge from his background into this new venture, to serve the good people of Washington state and the surrounding region.
Because of all those years of experience in the business, he knows how to provide customers with the best used trucks at the most affordable prices anywhere around. Companies seeking extremely reliable trucks to support their own business initiatives would be well advised to look to Emerald Truck Sales before going anywhere else, because that’s where you’ll find just what you need, and at the right price.

Kinds of vehicles available

Almost all kinds of commercial trucks are to be found on the lot at Emerald Truck Sales, so chances are whatever you need will be there waiting for you. Neil has boxed trucks, flatbed trucks, refrigeration trucks, 1-ton trucks, work vans, and a whole catalog of other kinds of commercial vehicles that Washington-area professionals might need to conduct business.
All the top name brand vehicles are represented at Emerald Truck Sales, including Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Toyota, among others, so if you have a preference for one of these manufacturers, your preference can certainly be accommodated. Whichever kind of vehicle you choose though, you can be certain of it living up to standards of high quality and high performance, even in the most difficult driving conditions and the most demanding business requirements.

Customer satisfaction

One of the aspects of dealing in truck sales which Neil Kikuchi is determined to retain in his new dealership is that of providing the very best customer service to be found in the region. There may be other truck dealers in the area which can provide good quality vehicles, so Neil goes the extra mile to distinguish his business from those others by providing superior customer service to each and every customer who walks through his doors.
Right from that very first greeting, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, no-pressure environment, where you aren’t being persuaded about buying particular models or hot sale vehicles. Instead, you’ll be free to browse around and check out the available vehicles, and when you have questions or maybe want to take a test drive, you can quickly get the assistance you need.
At Emerald Truck Sales, it’s all about making you the customer feel comfortable, and providing you with only the help you need to make the right choice for your business. Neil Kikuchi understands that in looking for your next commercial vehicle, you want reliability, affordability, and an enjoyable purchasing experience – and that’s why he goes out of his way to provide all three of these to every customer.


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